Is concrete right for you?

If you are truly committed to attaining a serious statement piece of furniture, like a dining or office table with an authentic WOW factor or a coffee table that perfectly complements your living space – then the answer is yes, concrete is for you!

The beauty of concrete is in its organic texture, unpredictability, subtle voids and unique markings. No two pieces are ever the same and each makes a lasting impact on those it encounters, telling a story through a blend of beautiful imperfections that appeal to the senses. 

We embrace these characteristics and believe strongly in the Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi-sabi,’ which is centered around the acceptance of 'transience and imperfection'.

As well as the charisma and individuality that our concrete pieces express, concrete also offers the practicality and durability needed for heavy duty spaces. If you're looking to fit out your new bar or restaurant without compromising on style but need something that will weather the seasons (and your patrons), then a custom piece by SLABS by Design is for you.

A little bit about our Concrete

Concrete is a composite material composed of a mixture of naturally occurring elements and other created materials. All of our pieces are Glass Fibre Reinforced, resulting in a high-strength, durable and malleable product.

Our concrete furniture is lovingly hand crafted, polished and then sealed to the highest possible standard. Our sealant is heat resistant to 149℃ (300℉), scratch resistant, UV stable and food grade approved.

Although concrete is by nature an organic and unpredictable medium, our experience and tried and tested processes enable us to achieve very specific custom finishes to meet a variety of aesthetics including: industrial, raw, matte, sleek, gloss and even two-toned organic effects.