Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the quality and finish of my product will reflect the samples you have shown me?
Due to the manufacturing and hand finishing process, no two slabs are ever the same. However, we do ensure the highest quality outcome of every poured slab through the use of superior materials, investment in quality production procedures, processes and craftsmen.

Will my piece be solid concrete or just a render like other pieces I have seen on the market?
Our concrete is the real deal! Hand poured solid slabs that are hand finished to for the highest quality look, feel and most importantly is hard wearing and long lasting.

Do you offer personal consultations on the premises the furniture is for?
Yes, we offer a design consultation service to all our Sydney based customers. The cost for this service is dependant on your requirements so please contact us via the contact form on our website and one of our designers will be in touch. Plus, the great news is, the fee is redeemable against the cost of your furniture should you wish to proceed!

Is it possible for me to see the tables in person?
Yes! We are very excited to open the doors to our new showroom in The Ware Studio, Brookvale. It's a great opportunity for you to view some of our range and chat to one of our designers about creating the concrete piece that's right for you. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact us on or call 0401411640. Alternatively, visit our Stockists page where select items from our collection can be viewed.

Once an order has been finalised, how do I pay for my new table?
Payments can be made via a bank Electronic Funds Transfer or via our secure online payment gateway. A 50% deposit is taken upon a finalised order, and the final 50% is required just prior to delivery. We also accept credit card payments but there is a fee of 1.75%

How long is delivery wait time and what is the cost?
Depending on what your order consists of, usually 6-8 weeks for custom designs, up to 4 weeks for basins or 5 to 7 days for other pieces if stock is available. You’ll be given an approximate delivery date upon finalisation of your order as well as an estimate of delivery fees, as this will vary depending on your order and location.

What if I have a particular need or query about something that has not been discussed here on the site?
Not a problem. Just give our team a call on +61 401 411 640 and ask about absolutely anything you’re not sure of. Our personalised service is what makes us so special. So use it!

Do you deliver outside of Australia?
Due to the huge expense of delivering our pieces outside of Australia, this service is intended for within Australia only. 

Please see our ‘Concrete Care’ guide for all the information you need on caring for and maintaining your Slabs by Design concrete furniture and basins.