Cafe Tables

Introducing our range of Australian made concrete cafe and bar tables. Designed to be flexible and functional whilst keeping true to our simple and minimal aesthetic,  we have developed 3 different designs which are available in a variety of size and colour combinations to suit your needs, we can also offer a range of terrazzo and marble tops. If you're looking for something totally unique for your next commercial or hospitality project then check out the range below or contact us for more details.


11 results
Disc Cafe Table  - Round Top
Disc Cafe Table  - Square Top
Disc Cafe Table  - Rectangular Top
Two-Tone Cafe Table  - Round Top
Two-Tone Cafe Table  - Square Top
Two-Tone Cafe Table  - Rectangular Top
Zen Cafe Table  - Round Top
Zen Cafe Table  - Square Top
Zen Cafe Table  - Rectangular Top
Bar Table  - Round
Bar Table - Round
From $1,050.00
Bar Table  - Square
Bar Table - Square
From $1,000.00